New Solo Leveling spinoff lets loose Jinwoo’s Child

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Keep your hats on and hats, Solo Leveling fans! Manhwa, the beloved series, returns with a bang. And This time around, the story is about the son of Sung Jinwoo. Yes, you read it right! The highly-anticipated spinoff series Solo Leveling: Ragnarok is expected to debut on screens in the near future and will be an exciting journey.

According to Redbeanime, the new webcomic will be centered around Sung Suho, the son of the Shadow Monarch, as he is reborn to the power of. While the trailer does not give much away but it does show an image of Suho holding a sharp black dagger, with blue eyes. This is an edgy contrast to his father’s dark purple eyes.

For those who aren’t aware, Solo Leveling started as an online novel written created by Chugong and gained a huge following when it was transformed into a manhwa-based series in March of 2018 by Dubu, who is the director Redice Studio. Redice Studio. The viewers were in awe of the series’ vibrant rich, vivid, and detailed art, and it’s no surprise that the manga has more than 4.3 billion viewers on Kakao Page. This huge success has led to an adaptation of the anime created through A-1 Pictures, known for their work on Black Butler, Erased, and Nier Automata Ver1.1a.

The launch of Solo Leveling: Ragnarok, people will have another reason to be happy. This spinoff series is set to take the rest of the storylines from the webnovel and examine Suho’s adventures as he assumes the title of shadow monarch’s son. We’re eager to find out what adventures lie ahead for Suho as well as the way he’ll stand in comparison to his father’s legendary stature. So take a seat and get ready to accompany Suho in his epic journey to complete his quest Solo Leveling: Ragnarok.

Solo Leveling’s Anime is Set to Blow Your Mind!

The excitement was palpable for fans when it was announced that the popular webcomic, Solo Leveling, was finally being adapted into an anime-based series. With the the renowned Shunsuke Nakashige, and Hiroyuki Sawano joining the team as composer and director as well, fans eagerly anticipated the premiere of the adaptation for anime. Dubu the artist who played a crucial role in bringing this enchanting story to life, was able to share the joy of the fans and expressed his appreciation for their loyalty.

Unfortunately, Dubu’s excitement had to be ended due to an illness that caused an arachnotherapy-induced cerebral hemorrhage. Dubu died shortly after the announcement. The fans were shocked by the announcement, knowing that Dubu was not able see the fruits of his dedication and visionary ideas that he has.

The creators of Solo Leveling haven’t forgotten Dubu’s significant contributions, and have found an amazing way to celebrate his legacy. The series is scheduled to publish special stories in an ode to the work of Dubu and a team of highly skilled illustrators who collaborated alongside Dubu is set to bring the stories to life. This gesture of love will ensure that Dubu’s artistic spirit is preserved through the pages of Solo Leveling.

The countdown to the release of Solo Leveling: Ragnarok on April 10th is underway and fans can’t want to dive into the world Dubu created with his help. The chapter epilogues will only be made available for reading on popular platforms like Tappytoon and Tapas and will make it easier for players to play this touching tribute to the artist they love.



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